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Colour Holographic has been warping reality ever since it was founded in 1998, by well-known holographer, Michael Medora, and Nigel Robiette, a filmmaker with skills in animation, live-action and special effects. The company was formed after a successful project to produce a single-colour hologram of a diamond, for an exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Today, Colour Holographic has 13 highly skilled employees across 3 separate facilities and a product range that includes super-realistic, full colour holograms (TruLife™), off-the-shelf and bespoke lighting solutions, our range of proprietry BB holographic plates, as well as a wide set of commercial and industrial solutions for a whole host of clients and industries.

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Our People

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Mike Medora

Head of Technology, Chairman & Co-Founder

Mike began his holography career in 1982 at a London-based company that produced monochrome silver halide holograms. Determined to create high quality full colour holograms, rather than the single colour variety being produced at the time, he worked with various holographic firms and then his own company, before founding Colour Holographic with Nigel Robiette in 1998. Mike is our chief holographer and is focussed on continually developing our technology to further blur the boundaries between the real and the unreal.

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Nigel Robiette

Head of Display & Co-Founder

Nigel started working life in animation, live-action and optical effects camerawork for the film industry, also producing several short films of his own. He took up holography in 1980 and produced the first hologram LP sleeve for the band UB40 just two years later. A pioneer of using holographic foils in packaging and print, he later extended the techniques to fabrics and T-shirts. Nigel founded Colour Holographic with Michael Medora in 1998 and his focus is bringing greater realism to our holograms, using clever lighting and display techniques.

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Jonathan Lewis


Jonathan started his career as a technology analyst, which culminated in him heading up the pan-European mobile telecommunications research team at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. During this time he had gained a strong understanding of how organisations use technology to grow and how new companies and products develop. In 2002, he was introduced to Colour Holographic and helped them find funding. Four years later, attracted by their unique technologies and world leading holographic skills, he formally joined the company as CEO.

Our Places

Head Office:

Colour Holographic Ltd.

Fitting Shop Building,
79 Trinity Buoy Wharf
E14 0FR
United Kingdom

T: 0207 510 0890
F: 0207 987 9082
E: info@colourholographic.com

Other offices:

Colour Holographic also has production facilities based in Maldon and Leeds, details of which are available upon request.