Add TruLife™ to your life

Add TruLife™ to your life

Our amazing TruLife™ holograms are now on general sale – get yours now, while stocks last!

 When lit correctly, TruLife™ holograms can’t be distinguished from the real object they were made from. They’ve been carefully developed over 14 years, with constant improvements being made along the way. The result is, quite simply, unreal.

We have released six 8”x10” TruLife™ holograms for sale, each of which showcases interesting or historical objects up to several inches in depth, in glass just 3mm thick.

You can display them using your choice of TruLight™ arm or box viewers. Or, you can hang your TruLife™ on the wall and light it with a standard halogen bulb, directed at 45 degrees, about 1 meter away from the hologram.

The ultimate in unusual and interesting gift ideas, they’re ideal for anyone who loves science, visual effects or collectible and historical items. So next time you’re stuck for a gift idea, why not consider making someone’s reality a little more unreal?

Interested in buying your own TruLife™ Hologram and TruLight™ LED viewer? 
The holograms are currently sold out, but the brochure available to download below contains the TruLife™ images which are currently available to pre-order for a summer 2015 re-print run. These will be charged at £500 for an 8'x10' image, so please contact us for further details and to be informed when the holograms become available.

PDF Brochure and Order Form