Use TruLife™ Holograms to display priceless, unique or dangerous items in as many locations as you like, without fear of theft, personal injury, damage or any of the associated insurance costs. We will be happy to work with you to tailor a holographic display solution to your own individual needs.

TruLife™ for Retail

Centralise the design of window displays and send pre-designed, plug and play units to multiple retail outlets. Or simply use the visual experience to amaze customers and put your products at the front of their minds when shopping.

TruLife™ for Hotels

Sell holographic advertising space in hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, and bedrooms. Display priceless or unique items in each room, or create a premium line of exclusive souvenirs to sell at your hotels and online.

TruLife™ for Sporting Venues

Create exact holographic replicas of team trophies, medals or signed celebrity kit to sell in club shops and online. Or create holographic advertising space in stadiums and generate additional revenue.

TruLife™ for Cultural Destinations

Bring local history to life by adding holographic exhibits and installations to popular tourist destinations. Or, create new holographic advertising space and generate additional revenue.

Interested in using TruLife™?

PDF Brochure (available to download soon)